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Garbage Disposal Repairs & Installation In Nashville

When you are in need of garbage disposal repair or installation, it is best to call one of our licensed master plumbers. This is one of your kitchen’s hardest working appliances, and one that is often taken for granted until it breaks down. Fortunately, we can arrive promptly to help with a fix or a replacement.

Garbage disposals are usually electrically-powered and installed under a kitchen sink between the drain and the trap which shreds food into small enough pieces to travel through your home’s plumbing. Most people do not realize that garbage disposals are meant to handle light food residue rinsed from plates and utensils before they go in the dish washer. While preparing a meal it is likely you count on your garbage disposal to keep the drain and sink clean. When a garbage disposal becomes worn or clogged it sends out an unpleasant odor throughout your kitchen.

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Be sure to schedule a service call with us if:

  • Makes an unusual noise
  • Garbage disposal will not turn off
  • Strange odors are coming from your garbage disposal
  • Drains too slowly
  • Water leaking
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Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement In Nashville, TN

When your disposal breaks down, an obstruction is often the culprit. If you make a habit of putting lots of grease and peels down the drain, it could block the pipe over time. Make sure you get your drain cleaned regularly as well!

Never use strong chemical drain cleaners to try to unclog your pipes. It can damage them and splash back into your eyes. Instead, let our local plumbing company work our way down the drain to get to the root of the problem and resolve it the right way. If you need drain cleaning, we carry every tool needed to provide you with solutions. We even have snake-mounted cameras that look deep into the lines to spot a problem farther down.

You do not always need a new machine when yours suddenly stops working. Depending on the nature of the problem, garbage disposals can often be fixed. However, we are well-equipped to replace yours if it is old or beyond repair. Our team of highly trained master plumbers can help you choose the best model for your budget and install it quickly and correctly!


Suspect you have a problem? You may be able to fix minor problems on your own. If not, Express Plumbing Services licensed and trained plumbers will do what it takes to get your garbage disposal up and working again or install a new one, often on the same day.

To keep your garbage disposal in top working order, consider the following tips:

  • Always continue to run water during and after using your disposal. Ideally, flushing it with cold water for 30 seconds after the waste has vanished down the drain.
  • Don’t put everything into the disposal at once; push waste in slowly.
  • Never put metal or plastic down your disposal.
  • Remember to use cold water instead of hot. Cold water prevents clogs by keeping fats in solid form and helps the motor stay cool.
  • Don’t put hard food items, such as bones down the disposal. Fibrous foods such as peeled potato or carrot skins, corn husks, and eggshells should be avoided. These items can tangle within the blades or build-up and become extremely difficult to dislodge.


The most common sign that a new garbage disposal is needed is an unpleasant, rotten odor coming from the sink. The smell typically comes from the food that was not adequately washed down the drain or disposed of in the garbage can before it decomposes. An improper seal on the unit, accumulation of grease and grime, or clogged blades are other signs to look out for.

Water helps push the food through the grinder and down the drain. If you are grinding food waste, use cold water. This will keep the fats in the food in a solid state so they won’t clog up the sewer line down the drain. If you are cleaning your disposal, use hot water to flush out unwanted food particles.

As food waste gets stuck inside a garbage disposal it is likely to smell unpleasant. This happens when you don’t run it long enough after sending food down drain. To fix this problem, run cold water in the unit and turn on the disposal. If that does not flush out the smell, consider cleaning the disposal.

Most garbage disposals cost about $250 to fix, including labor. This total ranges from $70 to $400. Labor for a plumber run around $80 an hour but varies between professionals. In most cases you’re better off having your garbage disposal replaced.

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